Each of these three strings are variables that we will declare and name with each of our functions before we begin coding. Each string represents something we want to accomplish at the end of each function.

The Win variable is used to keep track of the number of letters we have to write in each word we write to the terminal. As soon as we hit the Enter key, we are finished.

There are two ways to write these three variables. We can use the string operators, such as., for. But that makes the variables longer and more difficult to type. So to avoid typing the same variable twice, we can use curly brackets to define the variables.

If you run the code above, you will see that these three variables are all defined correctly but won’t print anything. The reason for this is that the line, and the next line are both empty, meaning that the Win, Place, and Show variables are all empty. Because the Win, Place, and Show variables are all defined, they will not be printed.

In other words, the two words, Win, Place, and Show are defined at the end of the line, and the words, Place, and Show are defined at the beginning of the line. For example, in the code below, I have the two words, Win, Place, and Show.

If you want to define at the beginning of a line, you can do this, but then you won’t be able to define the two words.

The Win, Place, and Show variables are very important for the game, because if any of the three variables is defined, the game will crash. If either or all three is defined, then you will end up with a game that is just too slow to play.

When defining the variables, you will have to put a semicolon at the end, like so: WIN; Place; Show. This is because you can only have a semicolon on the beginning of a line and a newline after it. The two semicolons will be on the line where you define the variables, so the game will not crash. You can use a single semicolon on the end to add newlines, but not on the beginning of lines.

No one is going to cheat by setting up their game like this. You’re not allowed to have a crash. But if any of your win, place, or show variables are undefined, then your game will crash.

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