How to Outsmart Your Boss on pot jokes

It’s hard to not use pot jokes at work, so make sure you have a strong sense of humor, as well as the necessary vocabulary to express yourself in a healthy way, to keep this from becoming a one-night stand.

I know it can be hard to not use pot jokes at work, but I think that is part of the point. When you share jokes about pot, you’re basically telling your coworkers that you are the type of person who likes to smoke pot, because you realize that this gives you an opportunity to make them laugh more than they would otherwise, which helps you get a rise out of them.

One thing I hate about pot jokes is that they make people think about the fact that pot is illegal, and that it’s a drug. This is an incredibly dangerous conversation to have in an office. When you make someone in a company think that you are a pothead, you are putting your career at risk. Also, the fact that I can’t think of a single person who likes it makes me think you can’t either.

I think its important to be aware that pot is indeed illegal. There has been a great deal of backlash against the idea of marijuana as a recreational drug. This is a serious issue because you would think that a great deal of people would be willing to accept the idea that pot is only a bad drug and not dangerous. The same goes for alcohol. People are quick to deny the negative consequences of alcohol, and they have every right to.

I think we can all agree that pot is a terrible drug. But it really is no more dangerous than alcohol. In fact, it is a lot safer! The main difference is that alcohol requires you to be aware of the effects of alcohol, while pot makes you more likely to have a good time and not feel that you’re drunk. Pot is also a lot easier to get high, and this is another benefit to the drug.

I believe that pot is a gateway for more serious drug use. Because pot is so cheap, and easier to find, many people who have had a few drinks before pot think they can get pretty drunk and still be considered a regular. The problem is that the more you get high, the more the effects of the drug are likely to wear off. And even if you stop using the drug right away, you will likely get a second dose if you drink again.

Pot makes for great pot-making fun. We’ve learned that pot is a very versatile ingredient, and can be used in cocktails, beer in cocktails, and even cocktails to enhance the texture of the pot. With a little bit of luck, you can make a pot punch that will look similar to the punch you make in a punch bowl. It can also be used to make a punch to add body and texture to the flavor of the pot.

Pot is so versatile because it can take on many different forms, depending on how it’s used. Some pot is used to cook food, while some pot is used to make medicine. Some pot is used to make beer, and others are used to cook food or make medicine.

Pot is a versatile ingredient. Depending on how it’s used, it can take on many different forms. The difference between a good and bad pot is the way the pot is prepared and used. We use some pots for cooking. A good pot is made from a clay pot with good clay and a good potter that forms it. A bad pot is made from a clay pot with bad clay and a bad potter that forms it.

Clay pots are used in pottery, but not in brewing. The best way to brew is to boil water in a clay pot with a good potter. A bad pot is made from a clay pot with bad clay and a bad potter that forms it.

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