This Is Your Brain on placeholder name

My name is not the place holder. The name placeholder is my blog’s default name. I choose that name from the first word on the first line of the blog.

This is pretty much the name that Google will give a webpage when it displays its URL on your device. And that’s why it’s important to choose a good name for your website. If you don’t have a good name for your site, people won’t know where to find it.

I have a new name, but I’m sure you all know it already. Its just a placeholder name that I use for my blog. The reason for using a placeholder name is that there’s no real reason to keep a name for a website.

The thing about placeholder names is that they are generally a great way to fool Google. If you have a website that’s called something like “” and you try to get people to type in their website’s URL into Google’s search bar, you might get some good results. But you might also get some bad results as well. The reason for using a placeholder name is because it’s not that important to the content of your site.

Placeholders are often the first to go for a website. So if you have a website called, but your website is called, Google looks to see if you really are the LoneWolf. But if you are the WolfLives, then the search spiders will be able to use your placeholder name to find your site.

Google doesn’t actually care that much about your placeholder name. I mean, it might be there for GoogleBot to find, but I’d much rather have a website called that has no placeholder name. But I digress.

Google knows about placeholder names. So if you use a placeholder name, you can trick it into thinking the name is real. It’s a bit like when you put a fake name on your bank account, so when you call the bank you say your account number. Google will then use the fake name to figure out where you placed your account number. But there’s a catch.

Theres no way of telling when a placeholder name will get used. Google only knows the real name the real person uses. If your placeholder name is used, then it’s a red flag.

With placeholder names, theres a way to tell if its a fake or real name. If you have a place you never live there, you will most likely use a placeholder name. But if you use a placeholder name and a person visits your hotel room the next day, you can be sure its a fake.

What’s more, if you have a placeholder name, it may actually be a fake. For example, if you’ve had your real name tattooed on your body, then you may not recall ever using this name. Now this doesn’t mean that the person who tattooed your real name on your body is lying or using a fake name. It just means that Google hasn’t found your real name yet.

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