The good thing about style and fashion is it is dynamic. There will always be change. Trends will always come and go. Today’s generation seems to explore a lot about fashion and mix and matches them. A lot of different aesthetics are developed in this generation. With that, some fashion trends came back. Trends like lemonade braids, flared jeans, and even low-waisted jeans made a comeback. In this article, we will talk about the different trends that came back and are slowly resurfacing. 

Lemonade braids

The icon Beyonce made this hairstyle popular when she released her Lemonade album in 2016. In the album, she had side-swept corn rows that were named lemonade braids, inspired by her album. This icon in the music industry influenced a lot, and now, the lemonade braids are slowly coming back.  

Low rise jeans

Before high waited jeans boomed, low-rise jeans were the standard. Low-rise jeans highlight the waist, which gives more of a sexy look. This is also great to pair with waist accessories and patterned belts. 

Bell bottom jeans

Flared jeans, also known as bell bottom jeans, became popular during the mid-1990s. By 1999, these kinds of jeans were present in every women’s closet. These jeans can be compared to bootcut jeans but with greater flare.

Crop tops

Now that bell bottom and low-rise jeans made a comeback; crop tops made a huge one too. Crop tops first gained popularity back in the 1940s, and now it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Women often pair these kinds of jeans to crop tops. This crop top-low rise or flared-jeans combo dominated this generation’s fashion. 


Another hairstyle that made a comeback is the bangs. Bangs became popular back in the 1960s, but in this era, it is slowly coming back. Just as how trends come back, they also evolve. Now there are a lot more variations of bangs like the curtain, side swept, and choppy bangs. However, it seems like the bangs trend didn’t die in south Asian countries, especially Korea. The influence of Kpop and Kdrrama definitely is one of the contributors to the resurfacing of this trend.

Band shirts

Band tees were the craze back in the 1970s. Musicians made merchandise, fans created their own merchandise, and before we knew it, the different fandoms had their favorite bands on their shirts. This aesthetic is slowly coming back in 2022. This, paired with vintage rectangular sunglasses, is the go-to look of music enthusiasts.

Oversized shirts

In the 1990s, urban youth was starting to grow. It was during this era that oversized shirts became popular. In the 2010s, oversized shirts made a comeback and are -paired with baggy pants. Today, a lot of teens, especially those who do sports and dance, have this aesthetic.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans first trended in 2008. These kinds of jeans highlight your legs and hips. A lot of high-waisted jeans are skinny jeans that are perfect for showing your figure. Skinny jeans were usually paired with flannels and loose tops. After a while, wide-leg jeans took over but in became mainstream again in 2011.

Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane’s shoes have low heels and a thin strap. These kinds of shoes give off old money and classic vibes. It became popular way back in the 1930s and 1940s. These became popular again in the early 2000s, and now in 2022, because of big social media platforms that allow you to share your style, these shoes have officially made a comeback. 

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are button-up shirts that have checkered designs on them. This first trended in the 1990s. Musicians, especially rockers, made this their trademark. And in the 2000s, flannels became popular with women. Girls would purposely buy a men’s flannel to accessorize their look and give that “boyfriend’s clothes” vibe.