How to Explain input default value to Your Mom

The default value is really just a value set in the CSS which tells the browser which element should be selected when the user selects an input box. So if you have a number field and you want to select a number, you can set the default value to the number and make sure it always gets selected.

The default value is something like 3147483648. This setting works for you. You don’t have to set it to anything, because you don’t get an error if you do.

You could also set the default value to whatever value you like. For example, if you were to change the default value in a way that the browser decides to ignore your input, it should work fine.

Input default value is a very useful feature we’ve put in place to help you get on your way faster. By default, all the default values are set to 0.0 (zero), and we want to ensure that you dont need to set it manually to something else. This means that you don’t have to do the work of setting the default value to something else, which is a huge time saver.

Input default value is a good idea but I believe that having it in the browser is a little overkill. If you want a default value to be set, you should write a function to do it for you.

The default values are stored in a cookie. When you clear the cookie, the default value is set to 0.0 zero. This is because you can only have one of these cookies. The default value is useful as a way to ensure that you do not leave yourself to the mercy of the browser’s default settings.

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