Explosive change! Is Schröder kicking a superstar?

On Sunday, he captained the German national basketball team to bronze at its home European Championships – and things are also looking up for Dennis Schröder at the club level. Use the betting company and bet on games involving Germany’s best basketball player.

The point guard returns to the Los Angeles Lakers and signs a one-year contract for 2.6 million US dollars with the team of superstar LeBron James.

Schröder is thus back with his former team, for which he played from November 2020 to July 2021. Even though the Californians had already failed in the first playoff round back then: Schröder is not the only one with fond memories of that time.

James himself is also looking forward to playing in a team with the captain of the DBB selection again. “Yes sir! I’m so happy you’re back,” the superstar wrote in his Instagram story. 

Schröder turned down $84 million

For Schröder, it is also a return in remorse, after he had rejected before last season an offer from the Lakers over four years with a salary volume of 84 million dollars. He made a big gamble and subsequently received a lot of ridicule and malice.

Now he is returning to the City of Angels in a reformed state and is expected to help lead the traditional franchise back to its former success. “I will give everything I have, every single day. It’s an honor to play for the Lakers. I can’t wait to get started,” he explained.

However, his return also carries enormous explosives. He is competing for the starting point with a colleague who has claimed the position based on his statistics in recent years alone: Russell Westbrook.

After all, his statistics were as bad as they had been for years. He averaged just 18.5 points – as few as he had last scored twelve years ago.

Nevertheless, head coach Frank Vogel, who was fired after last season’s disappointing performance, let him play too often, according to many experts.

But there were plenty of reasons for a reduced role back then. While the point guard collected the most triple-doubles of any player in NBA history, he is not one of the most accurate shooters and has enormous weaknesses on defense.

In addition, his free throw percentage has been below 80 percent consistently over the past five years, and below 70 percent three times. His attempts from beyond the three-point line have also been far too infrequent, at around 30 percent recently.

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