exception thrown, see javascript console

This exception is thrown when JavaScript is unable to connect to the database. The error code is 0 and the reason is usually a database problem. Make sure you are using the same database server you are connecting to.

We’re not exactly sure what the error is, but you can try and follow the steps below to see if there is anything you need to fix before it gets fixed.

You might try using Firebug and looking at the console and see what is happening.

The error code is 0. The reason can be anything from a problem getting the connection to a database server to a problem getting to the database server. In our case it seems to be a problem with our database server.

So, if you are able to view or access the JavaScript Console in Firefox or Chrome, there are a few things you can try.

First of all, I would check your database server connection by using the Firebug Network and Check Connection option. If you are still getting the error, you will have to make a different connection.

If you are having trouble accessing the console, make sure you are getting the correct port number, and make sure your firewall is allowing the correct ports. This is one of those things that can only be confirmed with your database server’s log file.

I’ve seen people say that this error can be prevented by disabling XSS protection. If that fails, then either the XSS protection will not work or the console will not be able to be accessed. Either way, this should not stop you from attempting to access the console. The key is to be sure that you are not getting the error because you have XSS protected pages.

The console should not be blocked because it is an important tool for debugging your code. For example, it can be used to show you what’s going on when you are using the jQuery library. It can also be used to see how a page is loading, and how and where the resources are being requested.

The problem is that you can’t access the console even when you’re not getting the error because the console is a part of the browser. The console is actually quite powerful. It can show you exactly what is being called when a request is made, what is being requested and how the request is made, even how the request is being interpreted and executed. It’s also able to show you what is being returned when a request is made. You can see this by looking at the console.

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