If you have used the scroll bar on the vertical scroll bar, you might have noticed that you can swipe up to scroll right and swipe down to scroll left. If you don’t know what the swipe up and swipe down are, they are called the horizontal scroll bar and the vertical scroll bar, respectively.

This is the part where I get confused because horizontal scrolling should go on the left and down, and vertical scrolling should go on the right.

It is kind of confusing because I thought it should probably go on the left and down, but it seems like the only way to do it is to set the page you are on to be “normal” mode or scroll right. So I was wrong.

It’s an even more confusing situation because the scroll bar doesn’t scroll down at all. Rather it scrolls up. This is because the scroll bar is always placed at the top of the browser window, so there has to be a little bit of space above it somewhere. The scroll bar is also placed right at the bottom of the browser window, so you can’t scroll if you want to. If you want to scroll the page down, you have to do it by clicking the right mouse button.

What I don’t understand about something like this is why it isnt just an X out of the corner of your screen, or a right click. This is something that needs to be in every webpage, especially scrolling ones. I guess I am just not used to it.

Scrolling is just a normal thing in browsers. The only browser that doesn’t allow scrolling is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The problem with scrolling is that it is a very time-consuming process that slows down the browsing experience. It would be great if there was a way to scroll in a webpage by just clicking a button or tab.

Actually, there is, but it’s a slow process and a lot of the time you can’t see the result because it’s hidden away in a hidden scroll box. You can use the left click to scroll to the bottom of the page, or the right click to scroll to the top of the page.

This is why I prefer that the scroll box be hidden away so you can know the result immediately rather than having to wait for the page to scroll.

I always like to go to the bottom of a page to find out the text. It is not exactly as convenient as the above technique, but its much faster.

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