Will can my house promise else Ever Die?

This is another question that has a way of getting asked and that I’m always amazed at the number of people who can’t answer it. I’m not entirely sure why. It seems that people look at my website and think of my house as if it is a building.

Your house is most definitely a building, but your house is not a building if you don’t read its fine print. While a building can be constructed by any builder, you cannot build a building. This is one of those confusing things that I think is really simple.

I feel like someone who is talking about a house can only tell you the same thing. You may as well say, “A house will make or break your life.” As an example, if your life is good, you will still have a good house. A house will also be good for you, but a house that is not good for you is not a good house, period.

The same thing applies to promises that a house can and will make the fortunes of whoever buys it. Even if your house will be fine as is, that doesn’t mean it will be a good house. Not everyone is born with the same genetic information. So it’s entirely possible that your house will be bad for you in the long run.

A friend of mine was having a conversation with a young woman about the different kinds of houses she and her husband were looking at. At one point the young woman’s husband said, “Well, there’s a house that should be good for me” and the young woman answered with, “Yeah, but it’s not.” The house was the kind of house that she wanted. So the woman was going to buy that house and they are still talking about it.

I do wonder if the house the young woman and her husband were discussing was bad for her. But as it turns out, it didn’t really matter to them. They bought the house anyway, so either the house was good for someone else, or else its bad for them. The house was good for them, so they liked it, and the young woman is still talking about it.

We’re all just obsessed with the house. We’ll probably be into it for months.

The owner of the house is still talking about it. The young couple still want to buy it, but I wouldn’t put it past them to want to sell it. I guess you could say it was a deal breaker, but at least they tried.

Well that was a lot of yeses, and a lot of noes. It’s a real shame that the owner of the house is still into the house itself, but it’s nice that your not the one to tell them to get off their high horses. You still might be able to have a good night’s sleep with your eyes open for once.

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